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Tại sao nên mua iPhone 13?
14.12.2021 15:40
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Compare iPhone battery life between SE and iPhone 7
27.08.2016 10:41
iPhone and iPhone SE 7 is the product of two consecutive launches of Apple in a time not too long. One of the concerns of users when comparing the two products is the quality of Apple's battery.
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Gorilla Glass toughened glass 5 will appear on the Galaxy Note 7?
27.08.2016 10:39
Corning leaders declared in the Gorilla Glass premiere 5 "Gorilla Glass 5 will be available and expected to be fitted on the model products from leading brands around the globe by the end of this year." So there is news that the Galaxy Note 7 will likely be equipped with Gorilla Glass 5.
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iPhone 7 Pro again exposed with dual camera
27.08.2016 10:37
iPhone always makes every object smartphone users interested. And iPhone 7, too! Even before, at and after the appearance, make sure the iPhone 7 will "stir" the technology market.
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Galaxy Note 7 exchanged looks with iPhone 7/7 Plus
27.08.2016 10:35
Let's try to compare the view DTSG between Samsung Galaxy Note 7 of the iPhone 7/7 Plus of Apples. Super products will be the champion in the competition compare this figure?
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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and iPhone 7, who
27.08.2016 10:33
The time of the two products late 2016's cult Samsung and Apple launch was imminent. This will be the smartphone is the most awaited mobile world village.
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