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LG Optimus G screen Rather Pro 2, D830, F350, D837, D838


Product information :

The article you are viewing the screen LG Optimus G Replace Pro 2, D830, F350, D837, D838. Wish you choose is the need to find

1. Structure LG Optimus G Pro Screen 2

LG Optimus G Pro Screen 2 is made up of:

        LCD (display)
        Touch (Touch Screen)
        Glass (glass)

2. When will replace the glass, rather whimsical touch screen LG Optimus G Pro 2?

Broken glass: The screen still displays normally and remain sensitive touch. For this situation users simply take it away behalf normal glass is used.

Broken glass and damaged touch: Phone broken glass, but the touch is not working. Now, apart from the need to replace the glass replacement touch more class.

Damaged part of the screen or the entire screen: The phone screen is only now completely black or white, can be striped, dead point, the black at an angle or in part. For this situation can not be replaced individually but rather to the screen material.

3. Replace the LG Optimus G Pro screen 2 must go through many stages?

Step 1: Employees will receive and inspect the machine, the error should be handled.

Step 2: The staff will advise on the need to replace the glass of the machine, replace or touch screen. At the same time the whole answer customer inquiries about the status of the machine and the matter should be handled.

Step 3: Quotations are specific to each case (on behalf of the glasses, on behalf of + touch glass, replace screen LG Optimus G Pro 2) and make corrections before the observation of the customer.

Step 4: The customer receives the machine is replaced, test the machine and pay later when you're satisfied with the product

Stores always supported the cheapest price with the best service go to replace the glass for LG Optimus G Pro phone 2 guests. With many years experience in the field of maintenance and repair, along with the technical team of dedicated, enthusiastic and will take care of you the best machine.
We are specialized units repairs, replacement components leading phones in Hoi An. At our shop quality issues are always at the forefront. 100% genuine components. Warranty 12 months.
  • All spare parts are 100% new goods, customers can see the goods before making a decision..
  • Repair time commitments.
  • Quick in-store warranty.
  • Our team of professional technicians experienced.
  • Cost fixes deal with after warranty repair attentive.
  • Consulting carefully and accurately before receiving plant disease.
  • Carefully preserved when you send the machine through the day and during repair.
  • Commitment to Safety and Security in the phone data of customers when repairs.
  • Free Consultation 24/7 0903 505 817 or WhatsApp : +84903505817

Digitech repair procedures are simple in 5 basic steps as below:

  • Step 1: Check the warranty card or receiving computer
  • Step 2: Determine the cause of the error and agreed with the client.
  • Step 3: Carry out troubleshooting, (check out the new parts if necessary replace)
  • Step 4: Cleaning inside and outside.
  • Step 5: Check, consoles, written warranty submission.
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