706 Hai Ba Trung street, Hoi an city, Quang Nam
Buy - sell - repair center
Buy - sell - repair center
Address: 706 Hai Ba Trung Street, Hoi An City, Quang Nam - Hotline: 0903 505 817
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Phone repair service in Hoi An Oppo reputation

We are specialized units repairing, replacing parts Oppo leading phones in Hoi An. At our center quality issues are always at the forefront. 100% genuine components. Warranty 12 months.

We have a diagnostic procedure for professional and accurate Oppo 1 series. Guests coming to the store Will Be witnessing the phone repair process at the center Oppo and free advice how to use, Avoiding the errors are Experiencing bạn. Along with counseling sessions for the selected purchase replacement components as needed with the most reasonable price. We have a team of Technicians with over 6 years of experience and understanding of the disease, than you pick up the phone khi Oppo We will be the fastest call response and best diagnosis.



All spare parts are 100% new goods, customers can see the goods before making a decision. Customers must certify on each computer components.
  •     Repair time commitments.
  •     Quick in-store warranty.
  •     Our team of professional technicians experienced.
  •     Cost fixes deal with after warranty repair attentive.
  •     Consulting carefully and accurately before receiving plant diseases.
  •     Carefully preserved when you send the machine through the day and during the repair process.
  •     Commitment to Safety and Security in the phone data of customers when repairs.

Phone repair process simple Oppo 5 basic steps as below:

    Step 1: Check the warranty card or receiving computer
    Step 2: Determine the cause of the error and agreed with the client.
    Step 3: Carry out troubleshooting, (check out the new parts if necessary replace)
    Step 4: Cleaning inside and outside.
    Step 5: Check, consoles, written warranty submission.

wishing to use the phone repair service Oppo, customers should bring their phones to repair at major centers like digitech to avoid spending money on quack, spend time and money in places of repair poor.
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