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Compare iPhone battery life between SE and iPhone 7

iPhone and iPhone SE 7 is the product of two consecutive launches of Apple in a time not too long. One of the concerns of users when comparing the two products is the quality of Apple's battery.

Just learn the user can determine ownership SE iPhone battery with a capacity of 1642 mAh. Battery capacity of this product surpasses comparable Phone 5s. Products with relatively constant duration of use and user satisfaction while experiencing them.

Meanwhile, according to rumors iPhone 7 is equipped with superior battery with a capacity of 3100 mAh. So iPhone 7 has a battery life twice iPhones and iPhone 6s Plus SE.

A product with impressive battery life will give users long battery life. Owning an iPhone 7 tYou absolutely not worried about the time used.

For iPhone 7 becomes more perfect use of time.

A smartphone is equipped with batteries, size and duration of use is extremely important. It has a direct impact to the process of using the user's phone. And iPhone 7 will have superior quality more battery than the iPhone SE.
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