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Galaxy Note 7 exchanged looks with iPhone 7/7 Plus

Let's try to compare the view DTSG between Samsung Galaxy Note 7 of the iPhone 7/7 Plus of Apples. Super products will be the champion in the competition compare this figure?

iPhone 7/7 Plus:

Apple said the iPhone 7/7 Plus will not be significantly different from its predecessor. Manufacturers have to adjust some of the design comes from the feedback of users.

Such as the iPhone 7/7 Plus will no longer hold back the plastic strip on the back of the device. More specifically, the iPhone 7/7 Plus will be slim than the predecessor. With this design, the device gives the user the feeling leaner.

See the appearance of the iPhone 7/7 Plus.

The camera in the iPhone 7/7 Plus protruding high above the waist up. Reportedly, Apple will roll out a different color such as black, blue iPhone 7/7 Plus market.

iPhone 7 great price today, fell 10% in cash to customers who purchase the machine.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7:

New generation Galaxy Note 7 will be designed with two curved screen edges. This makes use of users easier. With version 3 different colors, blue, gold and silver, the user will have many more options. In addition, the Galaxy Note 7 also designed the back and front glass. But bring elegance to the machine design but also drawbacks is easy to leave fingerprints.

Galaxy Note 7 to the unique design than its predecessor machine.
Camera's Note 7 square shaped bulge also though the manufacturers are trying to adjust this design.
Indeed, between 2 design of Apple and Samsung, really difficult to beat a winner. According to you, you appreciate the appearance of the device?
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