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iPhone 7 How much money in the United States and Vietnam?

It can be said, iPhone 7 is the most searched keywords in today's technological world. In addition to configuration, design, .. the iPhone 7 cost as much as a lot of interested users.

In the US: The price of the iPhone 7 could range from US $ 900-1000 depending on the memory 32 Gb, 64 Gb and 128 GB. 7 new iPhone at launch in the US would have ranged from 22-25 million. IPhone 7 Plus and published prices will be higher than the iPhone 7 100usdi Phone 7 at the new factory in the US if Vietnam will be calculated based on the level ranged from 22-25 million

In the Vietnamese market: Expected to September, the iPhone 7 will be sold at the Apple Store. And will be available in Vietnam after a few days. But the iPhone's price is high 7 then 25-30 million. If you are a loyal and IFAN want to own the first machine without concern financial issues they can "take them about nutrition."

At the Vietnam market price iPhone 7 will also be very high.

If not enough money, you can wait. Since the iPhone 7 will "cool down" after about one month in the price range of 18 to 22 million. In fact, any number is still speculation. Let's wait for the iPhone 7 and the price of "her" less than 3 months when offline!
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