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These new trends are appearing in Note 7 and iPhone 7?

Note 7 was launched in early August technological past. What about the iPhone 7 will look like in the next September? These new trends are appearing in Note 7 and iPhone 7? Those are the questions that the user wants to pose for "the apple" in the remaining period.

These new trends are appearing in Note 7 and iPhone 7?
Trend "Blue colar" and "Deep Blue"

If Blue is the color colar is featured on the design of the Deep Blue Note 7 on iPhone 7 is also expected to make up the "craze" in the technology market. As for colors, users are easy choices for all audiences. At the same time, a portion also increases youthful style and luxury to those who own it.

Secured by retinal

A feature as well as a completely new trend in 2016! And this feature is present on the Samsung Note 7. Users now no longer have to worry about security issues on the phone anymore. Because when enabled, this feature will help them minimize the confusion about his private life and financial situation by causing information theft. But do not know in this release, the iPhone 7 will have nothing new to change over or not?

Battery capacity is replicated

Users often use the traditional way of charging your smartphone. Or even, they can use accessories to support backup battery during the charging process. However, during this time, they will witness a smartphone can be charged for a different smartphone. That's Note 7. Samsung has equipped a battery up to its blockbuster 4.000mAh for. Thus, users of the Galaxy Note 7 can not be assured on the phone all day experience, but also can share the energy of others.

But with only about 1,920 mAh battery on the iPhone 7 is speculation. Does this keep up with technology trends that are shown Note 7?

In short, just as the iPhone 7 release, we have the facility to compare all the features in both 2 this blockbuster. Let's wait and see the arrival of the iPhone 7 in September will turn out, all of you!
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