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iPhone 7 Plus will display 2K RAM
27.08.2016 10:31
Technological world there is no such thing as "saturated". By race configuration is still a problem that a lot of firms are pursuing smartphone. 4GB RAM on S7 / S7's Edge are the best testament to Samsung's high end smart phones. Even the recently launched Galaxy Note 7 also reached 4GB RAM.
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These new trends are appearing in Note 7 and iPhone 7?
27.08.2016 10:29
Note 7 was launched in early August technological past. What about the iPhone 7 will look like in the next September? These new trends are appearing in Note 7 and iPhone 7? Those are the questions that the user wants to pose for "the apple" in the remaining period.
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Iphone 7 How much RAM is enough?
27.08.2016 10:26
Indeed, for the iPhone 7 How much RAM is enough? We only need to look through many other aspects nhau.Nhieu speculation that the iPhone 7 will have up to 3GB RAM
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iPhone 7 How much money in the United States and Vietnam?
27.08.2016 10:24
It can be said, iPhone 7 is the most searched keywords in today's technological world. In addition to configuration, design, .. the iPhone 7 cost as much as a lot of interested users.
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